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We have a whole range of cheap new Kia cars in stock at the cheapest prices. Below will show you the new discounted Kia models we have and when you click on them you will see the new Kia deals that we have. You could save thousands by purchasing your new Kia from New Car Discount, you can enquire online (complete form the top) or call our friendly team on 0844 811 0507.

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With a competitively priced Kia Carens MPV you can be sure that your getting one of the best vehicles on the market for the money. You will find our prices the cheapest Caren here, the seven seater vehicle gets great reviews for space and equipment, even as standard. The long term warranty will give peace of mind and with a high spec in terms of safety equipment you are getting the best motor for your money.
This mid-sized saloon might not be seen too often on the roads in the UK, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great choice for those looking for a mixture of practicality, comfort and affordability. Sure, it’s not a BMW or a Merc, but it doesn’t market itself as this – it’s for people who care more about a safe and reliable ride than flashy looks and high speeds. At New-Car-Discount, we can easily find the lowest price Kia Optima near you, meaning that a cheap new Kia Optima could be yours faster than you might think! Looking for a great value and inexpensive then take a look at a brand new Kia Ceed. The spec is great for a car which is so cheap, the hatchback competes well with more established rivals in the market. We recommend the diesel engines over the petrol and reliability of the Kia Ceed is noted as exceptional.
Looking for a cheap price on the new Kia Picanton hatchback then you have come to the right place. This is one of the cheapest cars in the UK but it still delivers in terms of a great cabin and a comfortable driving position. The warranty is for seven years to give you peace of mind, the car is both cheap to buy and economical to run, a great choice for those on a budget.
The new Kia Sorento 4x4 is cheap for a 4x4 and the diesel engines get good reviews. The car is well know for the safety record and is popular with families. Check out the prices and deals that New Car Discount have on the new Kia Sorento 4x4.
The new Kia Soul is a bargain at New Car Discount. The petrol engines are well know for the performance and the cabin is both classy and roomy. The car is well equipped in terms of both safety and performance even as standard.

Look no further for cheap Kia Sportage deals than New Car Discount. The New Kia Sportage looks great and benefits from an attractive interior.

Check out our Kia Sportage prices with some of the cheapest prices around for the New Kia Sportage. The Sportage comes with a seven year unlimited mileage warranty which makes it great value for money.