High Discount Registration Process

One of the following registration processes will apply to our new car / van offers.

Registration Process A: first registered to you.

Registration Process B: first registered to one of our fleet companies on the day of delivery to you. Our fleet company will be the first registered keeper [not the owner] to gain the high discount making you the second registered keeper on the logbook. A specific colour choice and factory options can be added to this process making it a new and unused vehicle built to your exact spec.

Both A and B process vehicles have the same warranty, roadtax, breakdown cover and future resale values.

Please note if we do not detail our registration "Process B" under the photo of any new car or van offer then "Process A" will automatically apply.

Pre registered cars / vans : This type of vehicle is listed in a separate section on the home page. They are new vehicles but have already been [pre] registered prior to you ordering so therefore available for very quick delivery. The colour choices maybe quite limited and factory options cant be added as the vehicles are already built and exist. They usually have a better discount than option A or B. The vehicles are all brand new and have zero mileage on prior to their free delivery by our dealer to you. They come with the balance of their manufacturer warranty which starts from their original date of registration. They are all re taxed for 12 months prior to the new car/ van being delivered. The resale value of a pre registered car/ van maybe slightly affected in the future if for example it has been registered 2-4 months earlier than your enquiry.

Delivery Process

All of our new car and van offers include at least free "driven" delivery to your home or work address.

In some specific cases trailered delivery is also included free of charge.

If you decide to trade in your old car this will be collected on the same day your new car arrives.