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Brand new Toyotas at New Car Discount at low prices! We have the best range of models on discount new Toyotas in the UK at these prices. The Toyota range includes the Avensis, Aygo, IQ, Landcruiser, Prius, Verso and the Yaris. If you want to part ex your current car for a new Toyota then that is no problem, whilst you can also be assured your car is UK sourced and comes with full UK warranty.


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New Toyota Auris deals from New Car Discount including the latest hatchback model. The New Auris for sale is proving very popular as it comes with a five year warranty which makes it an affordable car with peace of mind. You can save thousands by getting new Toyota Auris prices from us.

Give our friendly team a call for details on new Toyota Auris for sale and see how much you could save by buying from us rather than a Toyota dealership.


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Grab a bargain deal on a new Toyota Avensis now at New Car Discount. Many customers are taking advantage of the cheap prices on New Avensis as the ownership costs are low and the majority of models are well equipped.

You can find the cheapest Toyota Avensis here and all are UK sourced. The Toyota Avensis scores high in car reviews and is very reliable


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If your looking for a discounted deal on a sports coupe then your at the right place looking at the new Toyota GT86 Coupe. The car good points are the sharp handling and eager responses. The performance is great at the high revs, ideal for the track. We have cheap prices on the brand new Toyota GT86.


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  • There are some blindingly clever technologies in the Toyota Prius, but the overall result is intriguing not game-changing. And we have no great desire to be thus intrigued.
    - BBC Top Gear
  • New
    From £19346
  • New
    From £24280

The Toyota Prius is the leader in green motoring with low fuel economy and fuel emissions. We have new Toyota Prius deals available on a variety of models. An ideal family car with a spacious interior.

We have some of the best prices on cheap Toyota Prius, the Prius also keep an excellent resale value.


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If your looking for a car with space and room then the RAV4 should be on your list. The cabin is very roomy in addition to a huge boot with all the equipment you could imagine. Practical 5 seater SUV from Toyota, we have cheap deals on new pre registered RAV4's at New Car Discount.


Show all new TOYOTA VERSO deals
  • Taking bland practicality to new levels of neutral respect, the Verso fails to get pulses racing but remains quite useful. If you are Mr Dull from Dullington in Dullshire.
    - BBC Top Gear
  • New
    From £15271

We have the best new Toyota Verso deals available. Some of the Verso deals that we have, are the cheapest you will find in the UK. There is aplenty of room in this MPV.

The Toyota Verso is ideal for those that regularly carry 7 people.

Find out more about Toyota...

Toyota is one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to car manufacturers; a name that is instantly recognizable in all corners of the world. In fact, it is currently the world’s largest producer in terms of output. It was started in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyada and was initially a spin-off from his father’s company, named Toyota Industries.

The first car from Toyota was actually released in 1936 though, a year before the automotive branch of the company was formed. This was the Toyoda Standard Sedan AA and it proved a success in the domestic market. All Toyota cars were called Toyoda until 1936, when the name was slightly changed in order to make it more appealing to people.

Cars produced by Toyota again had a name change in 1947, when they began to name their cars Toyopets, with the first of these being the Toyopet SA. During the next decade a large number of vehicle were released under this name, such as the Toyopet Crown and the Toyopet Corona. The name was eventually dropped for the North American market in 1957, and was discontinued in the rest of the world in the mid-1960s.

By the 1960s Toyota had firmly established itself as a worldwide brand, with its vehicles seen driving along the streets of the vast majority of countries. This worldwide position was further enhanced in the 1980s, when Toyota expanded its base of operations and began to build plants throughout the world, most noticeably in the US – a move designed to get round the steep import taxes they had to pay there. At the end of the 1980s Toyota further flexed its muscles as it launched Lexus, a subsidiary company specializing in executive vehicles.

In recent history Toyota have led the way in the hybrid car market, with the Prius becoming a byword for environmentally friendly cars. In this area it is without doubt the most successful company in the world, with other car manufacturers only just starting to catch up with them. They are a company committed to this type of technology and will undoubtedly keep producing hybrid cars well into the future.

Currently Toyota has a robust range of cars in the United Kingdom, with the best performer being the small Toyota Yaris, due to the fact that petrol prices have risen to massive new heights. They are also well-represented in other areas too, such as by the RAV4 and the Land Cruiser as well as by the ever-popular Corolla.

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